Property information for Mar del Plata

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  • Hello:

    My wife and I are interested in buying property along the coast in Argentina. Being that she is more cautious and less adventurous than me, she is probably more interested in something like an urban-environment (like Mar del Plata) condominium near the beaches in a building that is well maintained and secure. This property would be rented for part of the year and then lived in by us for shorter periods until we retire (whereupon we would annually extend our stays there).

    My questions are:

    1. Does anyone know of real estate consultants in Mar del Plata who help with such purchases? (As a bonus, one that has good English skills would be most helpful as my Spanish is lousy and my wife's is non-existent).

    2. Does anyone know of condominium developments in Mar del Plata that are well cared for and keep active track of the properties when the owners are not around 24/7?

    Thank you in advance,


  • The good news for Mar del Plata is that Flybondi, the biggest Argentine low-cost airline now flies there.

    Some days it's cheaper to fly than to get the long-distance bus.

    Sorry, don't know too much about properties there.

    My wife's family sold their apartment there 40 years ago!

  • I don't have any realtor to recommend, however the summer season in Mar del Plata is quite short and the climate is not that mild (if you have in mind a beach town, it is not). When we spent the season there, we stayed from mid Dec to early April. But in mid March we were already wearing long trousers and a light down, turning on heating at night sometimes. It gets very windy, which I hate.

    The tourist season is from December to March, with Jan-Feb being the peak season. So, not many month to rent out a property as a vacation house. However, during those months, rents are very high.

    I would recommend to pay attention to the building expenses when considering investing. If there is a live-in doorman and only a few units, it can get expensive. Amenities also bring up maintenance fees.

  • According to the missus it's a horrible place during the main holiday period and is just as bad out of season. Lots of people seem to love going there on holiday though especially those with kids.

    I have no desire going to find out for myself.