Even dead people have been receiving social security!

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  • Another 27,000 (in addition to those already cancelled by the new ministry) social security plans have been cancelled following the discovery that some were dead, some weren't even resident with foreign passports, others had houses and cars all over the place, some were already in regular employment and many others had taken luxury holidays and cruises including jetting off to Qatar last year.

    It's all very well cancelling these benefits, but how about holding those responsible to account? Tolosa Paz for example?

    It's estimated that the state saves over AR$2 billion in January and clearly this is just the tip of the corruption iceberg.

    I do like the way this government is sweeping under the carpet - a task that is long overdue!

  • Bloody joke. Here's hoping they sort out the nonsense that goes on at local council level. Our council chief has both his wife and daughter in key positions with salaries. It's so blatantly obvious yet noone seems to think there's anything wrong with it....that's what bamboozles me.

  • It's crazy. Our council chief is an alright guy but giving your relatives jobs even when they're qualified to do it doesn't seem right to me.

    I knew his missus who's a lawyer had a job but didn't know until recently his daughter also has one. :rolleyes:

  • In 1961, JFK shocked the USA by appointing his brother Attorney General, who was tough on both segregationist law breakers and organized crime. He was eventually assassinated for his efforts. Regardless of his qualifications for the job, uS citizens didn’t like the thought of nepotism.

    From then until 2017, no other president of the US appointed family members to Cabinet or White House staff jobs. Then trump installed in the White House, his daughter (who emerged from the early state dinner for Xi Zinping with multiple prized patents for her business) and son-in-law (who walked out with $2billion from Saudi Arabia). There are some who expect him to make his son his VP running mate this time.

    Times have changed.