Gang violence in Ecuador

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  • Yesterday's events in Ecuador were largely prompted by the intent to move a gang leader from one prison to another and the president now has a major internal conflict on his hands. Fito, the gang leader managed to escape, hence the state of emergency which prompted the violence.

    My thoughts immediately turned to Rosario where drug leaders in prison send death threats to the governor of Santa Fe province who himself has had to move his family out of fear for their safety.

    A few years ago, Ecuador was a peaceful country...

    How Ecuador descended into gang violence
    A closer look at what is behind the wave of violence which has engulfed once-peaceful Ecuador.

  • Thanks for the BBC link, Splinter . It helps explain the intersection of geography and history that make Ecuador ripe for this violence.

    About 9-10 years ago, we flew into Guayaquil to spend some time in Cuenca, in the mountains, and Olón, on the coast. Both were interesting and peaceful places, but the before & after time in Guayaquil was unsettling. The hotel staff were freaked when they learned we had spent the day walking to and around the port and downtown, and they sternly advised us to stay off the streets, because of the gangs and general criminal element.

    But this cranks the violence up to an entirely new level.