Simple and flexible accounting software for Mac

  • Hello, as you might now I am a work-from-home freelance translator. My accounting needs are limited. I have been using Billings Pro, an accounting software for Mac, for about three years, but every now and then I look around for alternatives.

    What I like of Billings Pro and would like to keep: sleek design, backup in the cloud, customizable templates, estimate to confirmed job, multi-currency (each client is billed in a different currency)

    What I do not like of Billings Pro and would like to find: customizable reports without much coding to learn (currently Billings refers to Template specialists who will create your custom template for a fee), different clients should have different single-item cost (i.e. I work on a fixed per-word rate, which changes from client to client, and I would like to simply input the number of words, the program already knows the rate for that client). Hard to edit invoices, I have to delete, change the numbering in the software and re-issue an invoice.

    If you are using an accounting software for US-based freelancers that you would recommend, please share your experience.

    Currently I am paying 79 USD per year for Billings Pro, so I would like to stay in the same price range.