Take your own beach hut/tent to Mar del Plata!

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  • We never rented one as I can’t bear the sun for too long, but I did rent one in Italy and it was about the same price in the cheapest spot of the beach. I was later told that I was ripped off and there were cheaper places, but I went by the recommendation of my hotel, so maybe they had no clue… or for their cut.

    Anyway, I enjoyed 2 full days of it and it was worth it since I really like to go to the beach in Italy. The water was pristine and warm and I had plenty of focaccia to fuel me.

    I even fell asleep, and it was paradise! My kindle, my mate, focaccia and the Ligurian sea in a weekday with just long term guests (very few). I so miss beach in Italy! For me, the Costa Atlantica is a big hoax 😬 but that’s what you get here…

    My sister in law gave her apartment to a friend for the season, so no beach for us this year… unless my hubby is really craving for it. But I can’t bear myself to spend more money to go to the beach in Argentina than I would in the Mediterranean for the accommodation alone 🤷🏼‍♀️