Collision course with the pickets/protesters

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  • Social groups like Polo Obrero and others will be marching in the city on Wednesday to protest against Milei's new measures which will punish those who blocks roads and take children to such protests, not to mention those thugs who threaten to cut off payments to those who don't attend the marches.

    It will be a pivotal day because you can be sure that the protest leaders will be looking for a confrontation and use any excuse to accuse the new government of being a dictatorship, forgetting the law that states that everyone has the right to free passage without hindrance.

    The new minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello, has just outlined these facts.

    Let's hope this image is a thing of the past. Anyone want to place bets?

  • Quote

    The presidential spokesman, Manuel Adorni, said today that the picket organisations that will march this afternoon are "afraid of losing business" and said that the Polo Obrero, one of the organisers, "manages a fund of 5,461 million pesos, always extorting or mistreating the people who need these plans and have needs".

    "So far, 8,900 complaints have been received on line 134 and the protocol is developing normally, with preventive controls at train stations and entrances to the city," said the spokesman at a press conference at Government House.

    According to the official, "there is relevant data in which the person who is extorting money is precisely identified", and therefore, "the appropriate measures will be taken".

  • I don’t personally have an issue with people protesting (manifestantes). What pisses me off is that they are blocking other people’s from doing what they were doing (piqueteros). Usually WORKING and EARNING MONEY or GOING TO SCHOOL.

    Not to mention emergency services that cannot circulate freely.

    Those assholes have no idea of the consequences of their actions. It’s time they learn it the hard way.