Will Aerolineas Argentinas be privatized?

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  • Already there is gossip about the countrys biggest airline being privatised

    Attached is an international review on the matter. To be perfectly honest its a poorly researched article

    Avianca is not disposed to coming back into Argentina to operate in the domestic market

    Latam are quite happy feeding Argentine pax into Santiagao , Lima and Sao Paulo to connect to another international flight - they know they cant compete domestically against FlyBondi and Jetsmart

    Aerolineas or any other airline is NOT able to expand at Aerparque - the airfield is running at full capacity

    And the safest bet , not mentioned by the author is that Aerolineas will be gifted to the employees with 6-12 months working capital to kickstart the operation.

    How Would The Proposed Privatization Of Aerolineas Argentinas Change South American Aviation?
    The airline's route network and fleet structure could change.

  • I have already seen this movie with Alitalia. The results were terrible, as the company was doing poorly even when privatized, received money from the government, went bankrupt, rinsed and repeated and it is still crap and in the red.

    Hopefully it won't happen the same with Aerolineas, although I have never understood why plane tickets here are sold for a fixed price on 3-4 price tiers.

  • I've always heard reasonable feedback from those that have used the airline. However, considering how much it's subsidised the product should be good.

    What it'll be like after privatisation is another matter of course.