Henry Kissinger has died

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  • A friend of Videla, the de facto president and dictator, he even attended the World Cup in 1978 (as a private citizen) and had a closed meeting with Videla behind the then US ambassador's back.

    And let's not forget the carpet bombing of Cambodia and Laos, bringing rise to the Khmer Rouge.

    I won't miss him.

    Kissinger hindered US effort to end mass killings in Argentina, according to files
    Newly declassified files show the former secretary of state jeopardized efforts to crackdown on bloodshed by Argentina’s 1976-83 military dictatorship

  • The day Videla and Kissinger entered the Peruvian team's changing room in the 1978 World Cup, which of course Videla used as a means of humanising the dictatorship while at the very same time, murdering and torturing at ESMA not five minutes down the road.

    And Kissinger knew nothing of this?

    La historia de la noche en que Jorge Rafael Videla y Henry Kissinger entraron al vestuario de Perú antes del polémico 6 a 0 | TN

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  • ...and this from Aljazeera

    Henry Kissinger: 10 conflicts, countries that define a blood-stained legacy
    The master of cold realpolitik left a legacy of destruction that is still playing out across the world.

    Oh boy, this goes one step further...

    Henry Kissinger Finally Kicked His Bucket of Blood
    The world awoke on Thursday a little bit less poisoned than it was the day before.