A Perfect Cup Of English Tea

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  • I don't drink the stuff myself, a tragedy of a drink if you ask me, but...

    We are associated with it like an Argentine is associated with mate.

    I shall speculate that we have Brits and others alike here who brew it at least occasionally.

    Through the lense of a Spaniard no less, apparently this is how you go about making it...

    El método para hacer el té perfecto (al estilo británico, por supuesto)
    Aunque la infusión se hace de distinta manera en cada casa, hay una serie de normas básicas que debemos respetar para disfrutar de la bebida en condiciones

  • This article sent me running for a cup of tea (no teapot in this apartment) and some Marie biscuits.

    I didn’t understand this part:

    En opinión de Orwell, a los verdaderos amantes del té les gusta la infusión cada vez más fuerte. “Un hecho que lo ratifica es la ración adicional que se les pone a los jubilados”, explicaba el escritor.

    Old people like stronger tea?

  • I havent used a teapot for more than 40 years , probably closer to 50 , if I think about it.

    Its bllody hard to find decent loose tea and teabags are also much more effcient for a quicj cup or mug.

    The comment from Orwell comes from the beief that you put oinse spoonful of tea for each person and one for the pot.

    But Orwell probably never saw a teabag before he died...

  • I’ve always known the “spoonful per cup plus one for the pot,” but I still don’t get the part about jubilados. Anyway, I liked the article. Good find, Bombonera .

    Agree with you, GlasgowJohn , about tea bags vs tea leaves. With tea bags, you brew the tea to the strength you prefer, and then remove them. Can’t do that with loose tea sitting in a teapot half full of the brew that is growing both cold and bitter.

  • I have a huge mug of tea first thing in the morning followed by a few coffees before lunch. Or if I'm on the bike early, I take a flask of coffee because tea from a flask doesn't work for me.

    I then drink tea in the afternoon about 3 pm and Adri pokes fun at me for my routine. Also, Argentines seem to think that we Brits all sit down for tea at 5 pm. Maybe we used to many years ago...

    Taragui used to make English Breakfast so now we buy Taragui Te Clasico which is pretty good.