Heartless neighbours eject homeless into the rain

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  • This morning it's been constant and at times, heavy rain. Not the kind of weather you want to lie around in. Anyway, opposite our house is a bicycle bridge to join footpaths and one of the neighbours spotted two men sleeping under it, posted a photo of them in the residents' WhatsApp group and then called the police to have them removed, saying that she felt threatened by them.

    I was horrified by her actions and made my opinion known, but the police turned up, chatted with the homeless men and then left.

    That wasn't good enough for said woman who then contacted the local council and the boys in blue turned up again (as if they didn't have more important things to do) and they were finally removed in the pouring rain. I'm told that there are local shelters for such people, but that's not the point.

    I would have left them until it stopped raining and then dealt with it later.

    The fear factor in Argentina produces some very unrealistic views on humanity sometimes.