Who do you think will win the election?

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  • Who do you think will win the election? 7

    1. Milei (1) 14%
    2. Massa (0) 0%
    3. Bullrich (1) 14%
    4. Schiaretti (0) 0%
    5. Bergman (0) 0%
    6. Monster Raving Looney Party (4) 57%
    7. It will go to a second round between Milei and Massa (1) 14%

    Will they win in the first round on Sunday and if so by how much? Or will it go to a run-off on 19th November?


    To be elected president in the first round, the candidate with the most votes must obtain 45% of the vote or 40% and a difference of 10 points with the second candidate. Otherwise, there will be a run-off election, which according to the law must be held within 30 days of the general election.

    In a hypothetical second round scenario, the National Electoral Chamber stipulates that Argentines must return to the polls on Sunday 19 November.

    Already in the run-off, the candidate who obtains the majority of votes, without the need for a certain percentage difference, will emerge as the winner of the election and, consequently, will be appointed as President of the Nation.

    I'm going to stick my neck out and predict Milei at46% in the first round, Massa 29%, Bullrich 23% and the others making up the rest.

  • My Spanish isn't up to it sadly but the start of the video tells a story without words I guess.

    Who would the "safe pair of hands" candidate be? Bullrich?

    I don't think it is what a lot of Argentines are looking for but just asking the question.

  • Bullrich is a awtered down version of her mentor Macri.

    Fairly solid economic team who undertand what needs to be done if they are allowed.

    But even if she scrapes through it will be very tough for her.

    Bullrich and Milei were quite close a few months back but there seems to have been behind the scenes argument.

  • The Bullrich campaign was mired in in-fighting and Juntos haven't done themselves any favours at all in that respect.

    Milei's message is much clearer in my opinion.

    They have struggled to get over the infighting between the Bullrich supporters and the Larreta Boys.

    They seem to have made up now , but probably too late in the game.