Nice video of Chivilcoy.

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  • Yes, and I read that the population is growing at 1% a year which amounts to an additional 13,500 give or take since 2001.

    And there's a 3 year waiting list to join the Chivilcoy Pipe Club. :D

    No sign of a recession here. New houses,cars,shops are everywhere. Not many new pipe smokers though. So there's plenty 'room at the pipe smokers inn'. ^^

    I had no idea it was so big!

    It's not that big.....less than 100000 population if you believe the figures.

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  • Have you been in CABA lately? There seems to be a race to tear down every old building and throw tall, skinny buildings in their place. There’s a new 44-story condominium on Godoy Cruz, where there formerly was an entire block of 2-and 3-story buildings, mostly houses.

    Traffic seems to have doubled, post-covid. Where do the old cars go? These all seem to be late models. New shops, new restaurants. Is it all a mirage? Viewed from this perspective, a visitor would think that the economy was booming. But ????? Where is this money coming from?

    We are told that real estate is completely stagnant and will remain so until election results tell potential buyers it’s safe to venture back into the market.

  • It reminds me of my own observations earlier this year that Buenos Aires is full of optical illusions. A casual visitor wouldn't have much of a clue at all as they look around them of the state of most peoples lives, the economy and the political situation.

    What a place!