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Watching TV - 2023

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    1. Nay! (4) 67%
    2. Yay - Why not? If you don't want to watch, just don't! (2) 33%
    3. Yay - I wouldn't rent a place with no TV in the bedroom (0) 0%

    Before Netflix, we didn't even have a TV subscription, let alone a TV set. Traditional TV was (and is) totally uninteresting to us. We were mostly watching TV series and foreign movies that we bought as DVD or cough-downloaded-cough as we wanted to watch them in their original language with captions. Netflix was a godsend to us!

    A few years ago, we inherited a 43" Sony TV from my husband's grandpa, that replaced his 27" iMac as screen for movies and series.

    We had no other place to put it but in the bedroom, so there it went.

    Then we moved to the City and the new apartment had 32" Philips, so we quickly went from having no TV sets to having two. The smaller Philips is in the bedroom as we have it standing on a bamboo box that gets moved in front of the bed when we want to watch TV while in bed, and rests against the wall when not in use. However, most of the time we just watch TV on the larger Sony downstairs. Do we really need two TVs?

    The question keeps bugging me as I have read many praises about having a TV in the bedroom, and some will swear they wouldn't even consider renting a STR (short term rental) without a TV in the bedroom.

    I have polled Rice in person today, and she said it wouldn't be determining in her decision to rent. I am on the same page, but I am wondering if someone needs TV to sleep? Or are heavy TV watchers and need to marathons while in bed? Or just need an extra screen because they don't share their film taste with their partner?