Charles Feeney, pioneer of Duty Free shops and exemplary anonymous benefactor

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  • Charles Feeney was a true hero and role model to the world. And a man you have never heard of. He chose that anonymity. His NYT obituary begins this way:

    Charles F. Feeney, a pioneer of duty-free shops and a shrewd investor in technology start-ups who gave away nearly all of his $8 billion fortune to charity, much of it as quietly as he had made it, died on Monday in San Francisco. He was 92.

    The story of the fortune he made and pledged to give away during his lifetime, and his conversion from lavish lifestyle to small rented apartment and public transportation is breathtaking in its progression, and in the example he set for the world. Not many obituaries leave the reader smiling. This one does.

    This is a non-paywalled article you can access as a gift from my subscription. Enjoy it!

    Charles Feeney, Who Made a Fortune and Then Gave It Away, Dies at 92 (Gift Article)
    After piling up billions in business, he pledged to donate almost all of his money to causes before he died. He succeeded, and then lived a more modest life.