Oh jeez, what the actual is FIFA doing?

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  • I assume the backhanders from certain countries weren't enough from single host nations, they now want to have the FIFA finals held in 3 continents

    That's Europe (Portugal and Spain), Africa (Morocco) and South America (Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina). FIFA are not thinking about a/ the footprint of the carbon emissions from travelling fans b/the fans that have to travel to see games and c/ the different timezones. Though the Iberian countries have the same timezones (not 100% on this) as Morocco?

    2030 World Cup to be held across three continents
    The 2030 World Cup will be held across Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, Fifa confirms.

    This is their most silliest of ideas, they've dreamt up. I can understand that the spiralling costs of building new stadiums, but the finals hasn't been held in England for 64 years when the 2030 World Cup comes around

  • I saw Sky Sports' take on this news.

    I'm not that cynical about much generally, but even Sky said, paraphrasing, there must have been a lot of "negotiation" to achieve this arrangement.

    And we all know what "negotiation" means in FIFA circles.

    Which reminds me, having reviewed my stationery stocks, I appear to be running low on brown envelopes.