James Webb Space Telescope

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  • Since I'm sure that the JWST is going to be in the news a lot, I thought I might as well start a thread

    Scientists have claimed that the telescope has found planet like objects in Orion

    James Webb telescope makes 'JuMBO' discovery of planet-like objects in Orion
    The new space observatory sees pairs of Jupiter-sized objects floating free between the stars.

    I don't exactly know where in space Orion is, all that it states its 1400 light years to get there....a bit of a journey, I guess. How people see a "faint smudge" in the sky, is also beyond me, lol

  • Do you have a casual, hobbyist interest in this stuff SpaceNut or an academic or professional interest?

    At school Physics was literally my least favourite subject though I did achieve an O level in it. And of course these days the wider topics around astrophysics have become popularised even in mainstream media and one way or another I have been drawn back in.

    I'm interested.

  • I'm interested in space stuff. I'm fascinated about space. I definitely don't have an academic or professional interest

    I didn't have Physics, it was mainly science class and that's all I had. I didn't study up to O levels, but had O level equivalent in other subjects like electronics

  • I took the Chevallier bus from Buenos Aires to Bariloche and back in June/July 1992.

    Once I'd relieved myself of the bible-bashing Dutch guy sat next to me on the return leg, I found myself a double-seat to myself and I remember very well looking up at the most vivid sky of stars on that dark winter night. It was the most wondrous sight I've ever seen in our earthly skies.