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Juan Peron's Her Indoors

  • Let's face it she's quite famous but I guess the musical had something to do with that. But there's more to it isn't there?

    The Recoleta Cemetery is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city and of course, once you're in there, everyone wants to head to her resting place. I guess I've been there half a dozen times myself give or take and always stopped by her place.

    I didn't go on my last 2 visits now that you have to pay to get in which was never the case previously.

    Now here's where I need some help from you people...

    I've done lots of reading on Argentine political history and Peronism but don't claim more than a intermediate level understanding generally.

    But when I think about it all I get a lot of burning questions....

    Most of what I've ever read leads me to think that Peronism is the root of a lot of the country's problems.

    So how the fook is she so revered and probably the best known Argentine woman in history?