Motorcyclist murdered in broad daylight on Saturday on his way to a bike meet.

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  • In Isidro Casanova, La Matanza, Carlos Coronel, 54, was shot in the chest by four armed motochorros (biker thugs) and died on the spot. The murderers then abandoned the Honda Falcon motorcycle a few blocks away and not one person intervened at the busy bus stop, even though an unidentified person filmed the scene following the fatal shot.

    One person has been detained.

    Coincidentally, I was asked yesterday to make a delivery to Gonzalez Catan which is in La Matanza and after consulting with friends, I told the client it was too dangerous an area to work in.

    This is yet another family destroyed by low life scum who care absolutely nothing for human life and the suffering that they inflict. This family has lost a son, father, grandfather, brother and husband.

    I'm shocked to the core.

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