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The Falklands - more British than Britain

  • Me too. I met a couple of Aussies in the Microcentro in March who visited on a cruise-ship but as I imagine you all know, the only way to visit from the UK is on the RAF flight from Brize Norton. It always seemed expensive but I don't know the current price without checking.

    There was a weekly flight from Rio Gallegos for a while if I remember right, plus some flights from Chile but they've all stopped for now. Or at least that was the state of play last time I checked.

    Important correction!

    LATAM are flying every Saturday to and from Rio Gallegos and it's just about to land back there shortly!

  • I did some sample checks on the Latam site for the Rio Gallegos- Mount Pleasant flight and couldn't find a price or availability. It begs some questions really...

    Can you not actually book the route on the Latam site and it's only available for Falklands residents? Honestly I suspect so but don't know.

    Going by the Flight Radar screenshot above (probably my favourite app) it's only a 90 minute flight give or take so surely can't be that expensive if you can book it.

  • I might be imagining it but I think I read the LAN flight is not for passengers. It comes under 'humanitarian' purposes. Could be talking bollocks though.

    When I was single and free living in the UK I strongly desired to visit The Falklands after reading about them in a book. Even researched the logistics of how to get to them. Then the war came along which put an end to that.

    My yearning for visiting the islands has waned over the years since. If it was possible to jump on a plane in Buenos Aires and fly direct I might considerate it again.

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