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Three years on a cruise ship

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    Credit: MV Gemini with Life at Sea Cruises

    3-Year Cruise, Life at Sea is Now the Cruise That Never Ends

    If three years on a cruise ship sounds like a long time to you, it’s not long enough for Life at Sea Cruises. The ultimate bucket list world cruise is now setting sail this November for an unforgettable three-year round-the-world voyage, with the possibility of becoming "the cruise that never ends!"

    The Life at Sea Cruise, initially a three-year voyage, has introduced an unprecedented option. Owned by Miray Cruises, it now permits travelers to embark on an infinite global journey. Passengers can commit to three years on board but have the flexibility to join at any point in the itinerary, for a never-ending adventure.

    This cruise also provides a highly customizable experience, allowing guests to explore new global destinations instead of revisiting the same ones. It's a win-win, adding excitement for those who extend their vacation.

    🚢 Where does the cruise set sail?

    The cruise offers seven departure points within its first year, which, in sequence, include Istanbul, Barcelona, the Bahamas, Rio de Janeiro, and three more stops in Central and North America. The cruise is scheduled to begin on November 1.

    💸 How much is it? 

    The price may seem steep, starting at $38,513 per year per person, but this voyage spans three years, and the cost covers all expenses, including onboard healthcare.

    The cruise also offers enjoyable onboard entertainment, world-class dining, numerous activities, and a state-of-the-art wellness center. For those who intend to work during the three-year journey, the ship also provides a business center with offices, a lounge, and a library. If you’re ready to set sail, book through Life at Sea’s website.