Churchill’s famous War Office now a luxury hotel

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  • Just saw this on the Room Service site. Having been in Churchill’s venerable war Office, as I’m sure many of you have been, I can’t help thinking this is an inappropriate and sad repurposing of a building with such historical significance.


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    Image: Raffles

    London’s Old War Office Luxurious Rebirth

    Sometimes, just being luxurious isn’t enough. You, the guest, that is, need a little more gravitas. Some history, perhaps? How does Winston Churchill’s War Office work for you?

    🇬🇧 The OWO’s history

    London’s newest hotel, and the UK’s first Raffles property, The OWO, is set to open at the end of the month, and spectacular is an understatement. It’s housed in the newly renovated Old War Office, where Winston Churchill led the British WWII campaign, and James Bond creator Ian Fleming was inspired to write the spy novels while working as a naval intelligence officer.

    💎 How luxurious are we talking?

    The building’s overhaul is nothing short of extraordinary. After laying unused for decades, it’s been given new life in the form of 120 guestrooms, a magnificent ballroom, a Guerlain spa center, nine restaurants, and three bars.

    The property’s most premium room offering is found in the repurposed War Council Room, where military leaders like Churchill debated strategy during the war. There are countless detail-focused nods to its military past, like army buttons sewn into curtains, while others, like the grand marble staircase, are showstoppers.

    Of course, you can expect rooms to run high with a location like this and a name like Raffles behind it. A basic night could cost as much as £1,000 ($1,250).