The 'Fire Macri' thread

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  • Though the political alternatives are non-existent, some things of Macri's policy I don't like:

    • Overnight Presidential Decrees - when something is not up for discussion, a decree is issued. Sometimes it is used a form of menace (The reform must pass in Congress, otherwise I'll just sign a presidential decree), others is old news (last night the President signed a Decree)
    • Political debates are non-existent - I don't know if this is typical of Argentina or of this government, but I do not see proper political debates with figures, task forces, teams specialized to investigate on a subject and present their evidences to the opposing party. It looks like this is the winner's team and they get to do what they want. What kind of democracy is this?
    • Micromanagement - the President should not have received Chocobar. Or not so quickly. And it partially backfired. He likely did it to show that he is taking the safety issue seriously, but did he really have to do with Chocobar's action? In the chain of command here should be so many more people who could have shown support to Chocobar, but the President should be the President of the people of Argentina, whereas he always takes sides (I agree with his sides, but I just find it inappropriate to take sides in such role).
    • Poor international presence - Going abroad at G20 and talking about football shows how Argentine he is -- and in a negative way. I wonder who are the investors he claims to be attracting if that is the level of cultural display he brings forward. While European political leaders went there to talk serious business, the newcomer at the table thought to make jokes about football. :ban:
    • And the commoners? Next time. A lot of people voted him for being a Liberal and because they hoped a country that functioned in a normal and first world way. This meant removing small hassles, fixing the mail service, removing the stanlinian measures at the airports to inspect bags, being able to receive money from abroad without fuss, etc. However, he seems to have done some major changes, but they affect only big companies and hardly reflects on a commoner's life. Maybe he'll play these cards closer to election time, as he claims that a single legislature is not enough to fix the country (true, but do not abuse our faith).
  • I agree in most of the comments. Especially about Chocobar, Macri overdid his position. Perhaps he could do a better move: send secretly a message that he will help to pay the AR$ 400.000.- and nothing more, to show respect to the Justice power, which is independent from the Executive.

    But is is necessary to take conscience about the real situation of Argentina. From our 42 Million people, 15 Million depends on the State treasury. He cannot withdraw the Planes Trabajar in a

    sharp decision. In this sense, he could not follow Macchiavelli's advice to make the whole evil at once, and the good things gradually. He has not achived majority even in the Congress.

    Also because he never knew how poor people are. He grew up in his exclusive bubble of the Cardinal Newman alumni, and he still is there.

    The only one who knows that is Maria Eugenia Vidal, who her grandmother was a servant maid.

  • Singling out individuals for special treatment in a public manner, whilst morally laudable in this case, is naive at best. It's actually the kind of trick I would have expected from Cristina. Indeed, she was pretty good at that, particularly with party the faithful.

    I'd like to see cold objective political debate on TV, but it doesn't exist due to partisan bias and soap opera antics.

    As for decrees, he'll be overplaying his hand and start getting accused of being a dictator, as 'below_zero' is often spouting from that other place and is simply ammo for the opposition.

  • I agree with most of the thoughts above, but just to keep it in perspective - every president is first, a politician (how s/he got there) and is in an ongoing battle for reelection. Seen through those lenses, it all makes sense (even though I don't agree with all of it).

  • I hate Presidential Decrees ("Executive Orders" in the US), because they give the president powers the system was designs to prevent. So far in Argentina, this practice has not been wildly abused as in the US, but if the Argentine people don't loudly object, they could have the same situation as their northern neighbors.

    As for Macri's making football jokes? Be glad he isn't insulting other world leaders or using vulgar language!