Looting or just a provocation?

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  • There were 12 arrests in Escobar - ALL UNDER 18

    Not one of them was from the town or surrounding area.

    Who has the structure to organize and coordinate this sort of operation?

    Why have the KKs stopped blaming Macri?

    Somebody mentioned to me yesterday that Milei is now polling at around 40%.....

  • :offtopic: - - but related. This makes me wonder about the % of people who now own guns? Is the average shopkeeper packing heat?

    As recently as 10-12 years ago, guns were practically unheard of in Argentina. Where are these guns coming from?

  • A Chinese supermarket was was nearly destroyed in Moreno.


    Infobae on Instagram: "Un grupo de alrededor de 20 jóvenes asaltó un supermercado chino de Moreno. Primero prendieron fuego un depósito de garrafas. Luego, forzaron las persianas metálicas e ingresaron a robar. Hay seis personas detenidas. 📌 Leé la nota…
    35K likes, 4,648 comments - infobae on August 23, 2023: "Un grupo de alrededor de 20 jóvenes asaltó un supermercado chino de Moreno. Primero prendieron ..."

  • Hello everyone here, let me provide you with some insight about your gun's comments.

    In Argentina, it is legal to use guns, under these below to concepts:
       1.- Certificate of use of weapons:  Have registration to buy weapons within the jurisdiction of the property of your house.

       2.- Carrying a gun: Having weapons to circulate in the streets.

    Unfortunately, murderers have more rights than good people, for instance, a family father protecting his family members.

    You may have the license to use a weapon (point number one above) but with the only chance to use it within your house property boundaries. However, this is not aligned with local law regulations. To provide you an example of this, you have a license to use a weapon within the perimeter of your house, but when a thief comes to rob you with a gun and get to your house, adding to this scenario that your family members are in front of this situation. If you then chase the robber out of your house and shoot him, the person who is robbed goes directly to jail.

    Many times it happens that this thief entered to rob your property with a huge weapon that was a replica of the original weapon. After he robbed you, you run him out of your house and shoot him, the judicial laws created by Judge Raul Zafaroni defend the thieves, robbers/attackers. This law changed the roles of the robber and robbed. To explain this with another example, if the thief had a toy weapon and the homeowner used a real gun, this is called by the law that the defender applied excessive defense force. This puts him in prison. On the other hand, if you do not go to prison for that 5% of the law that supported you, the thief's family and friends for sure will try to kill you or your family soon or later because they already know where you live. The Law in this case does not prevent or protect you.

    Laws created by the justice system of Kirchnerism, by Judge Raul Zaffaroni himself. This law says that the victims have a main need to survive and the mistreatment of children in an environment of drugs, abusive parents, etc. they makes the little ones suffer, and by the absence of the state they become criminals. This vision makes the perpetrators (the murderers) become victims in Argentine law. This is what Macrismo never changed during its 4 years, and this law is about 12 years old today.

    I remind you that Zaffaroni, after having 3 famous brothels in Argentina, Pope Francis took him to the Vatican to perform legal duties. Crazy things that have no explanation at all, no matter from which point of view you look for answers.

    That is to say that one can have a record of using a weapon, but it is very delicate to use it because, in 95% of how you use it, the Argentine justice system sends you to jail.

    The other option is to carry a weapon on public roads. That is, not only use the weapon in your house for defense, but you can use it on the street.

    In both cases, to obtain these records they have to follow a very rigorous process and obtain the use of the weapon. But, what is the use of having a weapon if later justice comes and puts you in jail?

    The entire justice law must be reformulated in Argentina.

    Where do the weapons come from?

    The weapons that common people can have are used for animal hunting, this use is legal and easy to support through a license process. This is the reason why many people have shotguns instead of revolvers or handguns. The thieves use weapons stolen from the police, black market, which of course is extensive. Many of these guns don't work and this is why many robbed people don't die because the gun being used doesn't fire the bullet on the trigger. They are old or in poor condition.