Fancy 30 days in prison?

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  • Argentina has had it with soccer fans from Chile, Brazil, and other countries ridiculing Argentina’s pathetic economic situation by burning and tearing up peso notes.

    You fans of Scottish, Welsh, English, Italian, etc teams, beware! When attending matches in Argentina, keep your pesos in your pockets if you don’t want to be Cristina’s guests for 30 days!

    Argentina cracks down on football fans who tear up money to taunt locals
    The practice has become a common way for foreign fans to taunt locals about the low value of the peso.

  • Football fans are football fans and do daft things but this is really insulting.

    I must tell my tale for a Boca Juniors v San Lorenzo match which was the Pre Libertadores Final, second leg at the Bombonera 11 August 1991.

    It was quite an experience.

  • Rather than ask if I should create a new thread etc I will post it here and the mods can do what they do best.

    It was my first trip to Argentina and I like or rather liked to go to a football match in the countries I visited. I care somewhat less about that these days. I have been to a number of stadia across the world; well mainly in Europe really.

    This was a big match. Boca Juniors versus San Lorenzo in the second leg of the final of the Copa Libertadores qualifying event.

    I bought a ticket at the gate on the day. Try doing that these days!

    I entered the stadium on Dr. de Valle Iberlucea towards the corner with Brandsen. I was stood on the ground floor terrace at that side towards the front.

    I arrived early and took a few photos before the match started and did not take my camera out at all once the match started. To me that was just basic precautions as a young Englishman less than 10 years since the Malvinas War, not wanting to draw attention to myself in an atmosphere loaded with passion.

    My story is largely about the San Lorenzo fans who stood on the tier above me. There was a continuous torrent of spitting on the Boca fans below who retreated under the stand away from the front on the standing area. But get this and I swear this is entirely true. The San Lorenzo fans also threw a car wheel and a shopping trolley at us! How are they even in the stadium? It was really quite dangerous but I was a young lad and just enjoyed the experience it gave me!

    San Lorenzo won the first leg at home 1-0 and also won the second leg at Boca 0-1 also.

    As for the match itself, perhaps the point of note is that it was Gabriel Batistuta's last match for Boca before he moved to Fiorentina in Italy. Sadly, he didn't have his shooting boots on against San Lorenzo.

  • Sounds like an unforgettable experience, mate!

    Sadly, I'm not tempted to go to a football match, even though we live quite close to River.

    Rugby yes, but footie, no.

  • I have been to a few games here at San Lorenzo, but in the posh seats and with no away fans in the ground. Nothing much to report .

    A few frames at Ferrocarril del Oeste in Caballito - good fun - they were in the second division at the time - so maybe a maximum of 7 or 8 , 000 fans .

    Quite a few games in Mexico - primarily internationals in the Estadio Azteca.

    Loads of games in Spain - Real Madrid and Rayo Vallecano.

    And CD Malaga , where I was a season ticket holder for a while.

    Scotland in the World Cup in Spain and also in Italy

    Think that's about it