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A couple easy questions

  • A couple real easy questions this time.

    1. Can I get a sim card at Buenos Aires airport? If not , are sim cards easy to get in BA and cheap?
    2. Is there a Blue Dollar exchange rate place at the Buenos Aires Airport and at Mendoza airport? Are the real easy to find in both cities?

    Sorry, havent been to Argentina in years.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


  • Elexpatriado , I don’t know about getting a SIM card at EZE; will have to leave that to someone else. But yes, they are cheap.

    Very easy to find cuevas in Buenos Aires for exchanging at Blue rate. I haven’t been to Mendoza in years, but can’t imagine it would be hard to find cuevas there, either.

  • Thanks

    I imagine if there are Claro or MovieStar outlets at the airport I can get a sim there.

    On another site it was recommende that I change a little cash at the airport for Taxi (because the exchange rate is not good) and then do a bigger change in the city

  • You can use your c / c at the airport to get a small limo with Tienda Leon ( office right after customs ) or with Taxi Ezeiza ( just after you clear the sterile area ) you can't miss it - its right in from of you as you exit the sliding doors.

    Taxi Ezeiza is a little cheaper than Tienda Leon.

    Foreign c/cs now convert at a rate about 5/10 % below the Blue Rate

    There is really no need to exchange any USD into pesos at the airport.

    There is an Official FX at the Banco Nacion - There is no place to change at the Blue rate as far as I am aware. Bear in mind that although the airport is privately managed it is still a government building.

  • I've read that you can do a Western Union transaction at the Ezeiza Airport post office. I've never tried that. I always buy a ticket for the Tienda Leon bus to Puerto Madero by card. Once there I have 2 choices. Cambio Baires is a 10 minute walk over the bridge to the other side of the dock if you want to change USD, or better still, walk up to Western Union on Av Cordoba.

  • I don’t know anything about Taxi Ezeiza, but the Tienda Leon and other remis desks have always taken either pesos or dollars at the blue, not official, rate. If that has recently changed, your foreign credit card is a very close second.

    When you get to the hotel or apartment where you’re staying, you can get to a cueva to exchange.

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    Hello everybody,

    Aah Ezeiza.... ^^

    There is an ATM outside the Bank of Argentina.. a bit tucked away...I use this to take out 50 euros.. with the bad rate of exchange and ridiculously high transaction fees. This is for tips and 'in case' generally.

    I don't need any more cash until I get to my family in Misiones, coach and local taxi..

    I use the taxi ezeiza in the airport because I can pay with my Visa card. you get accompanied to the car..tip nicely

    I go straight to Newbery Aeroparque for my on ward flight. I pay for my lunch by card.. if in doubt ask 'Con targeta??'

    The post office has moved and is now on the upper floor towards embarcation.

    Before my departure, I take the international forfeit from my phone provider ( Orange France), 29 euros per month. Gives you plenty of calls and data without messing about with your phone and its settings..maybe yours does similar??

    Not long now...

    Hasta pronto..

  • Good info, Sarran1955 . We’ve always taken a remis, which allows payment in cash (blue rate) or with credit card. Is Taxi Ezeiza less expensive? Or is there another factor that makes it a preferable choice?

    As for exchanging some money for tips, since the rate is so awful, why not just tip with dollars?

  • GlasgowJohn , like remises, does Taxi Eeiza charge a flat rate, or if you get stuck in traffic, can you find yourself running up the national debt?

    We had a taxi driver from AEP once who took an enormous dislike to us because we had apparently slammed the car door instead of gently closing it. He deliberately positioned the cab in the very center of merging lanes, thus making sure we would be going nowhere, while the meter ran. We’ve taken remises whenever possible, ever since.

  • Taxi Ezeiza is a flat rate like Tienda LEON. Agreed ( and paid for ..) before you leave the airport!

    You can contact them by email for a quote.

    Be sure to mention the month you intend to travel. I imagine pricing is quite dynamic just now....

  • The bus is fine if you have no bags . But even with one bag it is a hassle.

    I am lucky to have a driver who always turns up. He checks the flight number before I arrive on the airport website. HE waits outside the airport precinct. When I clear Customs, I call him and he comes in and picks me - only takes him 7-8 minutes so he doesnt pay any airport parking!