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  • Anyone had a tetanus jab here? I cut my finger last night while preparing the dogs food in the outside utility room. I reached under the sink unit and touched some broken glass with my index finger. Blood everywhere and on seeing it the wife overreacted as usual. Told me to stop dripping blood while she got the First Aid box out. ^^

    To be honest after she wiped the blood away it wasn't that big a cut but it was deep. Anyway, it's been louping all night and given the piece of glass was pretty dirty it got me thinking about tetanus jabs. The wife's still in bed so can't confirm whether I've had a tetanus jab here or not. I think you get it in your backside? If so, I don't recall being asked by any nurse to drop 'em!! :asswave:

  • Glad you aren’t in the habit of dropping trou in front of a nurse, UK Man . Tetanus shots are usually delivered in the arm. If you can’t remember getting one, you need one. We should all have them every 10 years

    Please get to a doctor right away, not only to get the tetanus shot but also to have the cut properly cleaned out to prevent infection. Be sure you tell the doctor that the glass was really dirty.

    Don’t wait!

    Edit: forgot to say that, while you need the shot every 10 years, if you have a cut or puncture that could be problematic, if more than 5 years have elapsed, you need a booster shot. Pronto.

  • I had a tetanus jab in Buenos Aires just a few months ago. Essentially, I only did it to regain some peace and quiet in the household because even though the family insisted I had to do it, I was pretty certain I was okay without another booster. Also, if you don't receive a discount for your medicines, you'll find that this extra booster is pretty expensive.

    My question for you is: during your time in the UK, did you receive your full quota of tetanus shots + boosters? If you did then you've really nothing to worry about - except the constant clamouring of those around you telling you to go and get your shot.

    So, after I had given in to the pressure and received my very expensive tetanus shot, I did some research into the different philosophies behind the different approaches The World Heath Authority say that if you have had your full programme of shots during your earlier years, that sets you up for life and that's all you need. That's the formula followed by the NHS in the UK and it's the same in many other, mostly European, countries. In the USA, Argentina and many other places it's different and they follow the formula of giving an extra shot after an injury - just in case.

    WHO studies have shown that survival rates from tetanus are almost identical in all these different circumstances. So why not have one any way? Surely the extra jabs can't cause any harm? The answer is: yes any jab may cause harm and given the millions of injections carried out everywhere, every day, there will be very occasional bad reactions from the needle, from poor hygene, shock, sepsis etc etc and a tiny, tiny proportion of people who have been injected will die as a result.

    My guess is that you will go and get your buttocks stabbed just to keep the peace at home. In any case, once you are able to sit down again[1] Google for Tetanus and the WHO. Avoid the cranky websites and just take your information from reliable sources. It's a fascinating read.

    Edited to add: Rice I've just see the post you made while I was writing this. It's really quite interesting to study why the USA has gone down this tetanus vaccination path and the UK hasn't. I think you'd find it fascinating.

    [1]It's okay, I'm just teasing about the sitting down: they don't stab the bit of your buttock that you sit upon.

  • According to the missus, who keeps track of such things, I haven't had one during the last 16 years here. She got one a couple of years ago after cutting her hand badly. She got it in the arm but never went back for the booster as according to her you get that in the bum.

    I was a tad wary of asking her as she's usually all for marching me down to the clinic for anything health related. However, she wasn't at all concerned and just said I could get one if I wanted.

  • Interesting to compare the British physicians’ recommendations to those of the American Academy of Family Medicine, bebopalula . I always follow the advice of my in-house physician (we both got a tetanus booster a few weeks ago), but of course there are many opinions, and much on the internet to back up each one.

    Adult Immunization Schedule
    View the recommended immunization schedule for adults.

    Oh - - our boosters were in the arm. But maybe that is another difference between Brits’ and Americans’ views about jabs/shots!