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Personal customs limit of $500 when entering Argentina - in perspective.

  • One needs to be careful when reading news articles about AFIP (inland revenue Arg) and the personal limits at Ezeiza, for example.

    Apparently, the personal limits at customs are US$500 plus US$500 worth of goods bought in duty free.

    Many of these articles from Clarin and TN are designed to bait people, but when checking the US and UK limits for example, these figures seem reasonable.

    On the other hand, what isn't much fun is having your suitcases x-rayed when entering the country and also having to declare cellphones etc when leaving the country.

    In the US, the personal limit is US$800 and in the UK it's US$503 (£390), but I'm not sure if these limits include duty free or not.

    For my part, I never declare my phone or laptop when leaving Argentina, both of which are several years old anyway. And when returning I use the old 'sorry, I don't speak Spanish' trick while waving my British passport at the customs people.

    So those Arg limits are not so crazy in the end.

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  • The only thing they really look for are electronics - laptops, tablets, and phones.

    Last time I had 2 bottles of whisky and 6 bottles of olive oil. Clearly, it came up on the X-Ray. The official said what do you have in the bag - I said 2 bottles of whiskey and 6 bottles of olive oil . Je just waved me through. Didn't have to open anything.

    I f I am close to the limit, I do that same trick as Splinter. UK Passport in hand and Hi Sir , Sorry i don't speak very much Spanish

  • The only thing they really look for are electronics - laptops, tablets, and phones.

    Yes that's what I used to tell the missus when we used to travel regularly.

    A God fearing German chap I know on a pipe smoking forum travelled back from the UK to Frankfurt last week with twice the allowed limit of pipe tobacco. He joined the goods to declare line on arrival and was directed to a room. The customs men followed and asked him what it was he was declaring. When he told them they said they appreciated his honesty but it wasn't worth their while filling out forms just for that and sent him on his way. :)

  • That’s the reaction we always get when taking wine from Argentina to the US. But we wouldn’t dare fail to declare it!

    It seems that a separate form must be filled out by customs agents for EACH BOTTLE. We never go to the US with fewer than 36 bottles (our all-time high was 58), and no one wants to complete 36+ forms.

  • It was for our 25th anniversary. We took Salentein extra brut for a rooftop Argentina-themed party in New Orleans. Started with an even 60 bottles but gave one to the guy who refused a tip after delivering our luggage to Aeromexico. Gave a second to the Aeromexico agent who was wavering about charging us an overweight fee.