Nomad Visa with Dependents

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  • Hi all,

    I'm new to this group :) I'm Nove from The Philippines and currently living in Quito, Ecuador working remotely as a Global Recruiter. I've lived about 15yrs in Singapore before moving to Ecuador back in 2020 with my 2 kids and Ecuadorian husband. We are exploring options to live in Argentina especially since our daughter is looking to study for university there in the next 2 yrs.

    I have a few questions which I hope anyone can help provide some info or leads:

    1. We are exploring buying a property in Argentina like a suite. Which areas are good and which websites should we go and check for such properties?
    2. We are also exploring the NOMAD VISA but we wanted to know if they allow dependents together with that visa. I'm the only one officially working remotely but my husband is in to investing.

    Thank you so much in advance for the help.

  • Hi Nove , welcome to the site!

    The Nomad Visa is still fairly new and the rules are not tremendously clear. Maybe someone can give you better information.

    When you say a suite, do you mean a studio apartment or something bigger?

    noveg1983 , you should note that the Nomad Visa at the moment allows you to stay for 180 days and is normally renewable for another 180 days.

    Just spoke to a friend who is here on that basis and he is unsure about whether dependents can enter on the same visa.

  • Hello, noveg1983 , and welcome to the forum. Although I can’t help at all with Visa information, I’d be glad to help you figure out what areas you might want to look at.

    Are you interested in Buenos Aires or another city? Do you want to live in an apartment in the city or a house in the province?

    When are you considering moving?

  • GlasgowJohn thanks for the reply. Yes it does seem like it's not yet super clear but hopefully I can find someone who can provide more details on this.

    As for the suite, yes we are looking at a 1-bedroom apartment at least. How does it work for foreigners wanting to invest in a property there? Any websites I can check for property sales? Thank you again for the reply!

    Rice We are probably gonna look at Buenos Aires but I don't know which specific area. I was hoping someone can provide more info / guidance.

    We are looking at 1-bedroom apartment at least. We are still at the early stage / discovery stage i would say. We don't have any specific timeline of moving yet since our daughter is going to university only in the next 2 yrs but we are hoping to get started now while Argentina is still cheaper. Depending on what we find and if we really like it, we may head down and have a look at properties and perhaps decide to buy.

  • noveg1983 , if your only child is your daughter, who will be going off to University, I’d guess you and your husband will decide to be in the city, with better access to cultural activities, restaurants, transportation, etc., instead of farther out, where you could have more room for the same money, but less accessibility.

    You may get want to look at areas along the subte “D” line, for an easy hop into microcentro. Palermo, Las Cañitas, and Belgrano are all very pleasant, with Palermo having the most restaurants and night life, and Belgrano being the quietest (and farthest from microcentro).

    Recoleta is closest, but with a higher average age of population and housing. (Read: fewer elevators!)