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Cecilia Strzyzowski - horrific murder in Chaco?

  • I had to ask Adri to explain this macabre and horrific story to me because I simply could not understand how a 28 year old woman could be 'disposed of' in such a horrific manner by a powerful and political family running for election. Allegedly.

    Cecilia fell in love with Cesar Sena but his mother, Marcela Acuna despised Cecilia, so they got married in secret. The mother then urged them to get divorced and wouldn't let Cecilia anywhere near the family, thus ostracising the couple.

    A kind of peace was reached and Cesar's parents, Marcela and her husband, Emerenciano Sena, suggested that Cecila and Cesar take a holiday trip to Ushuaia, to which they agreed.

    Cecilia bought the tickets and the plan was to fly from Resistencia, Chaco to Buenos Aires and thence to Ushuaia. It's not clear to me why this trip was suggested, but perhaps it was a kind of olive branch. Or even something more macabre?

    From what I can gather, Cesar was waiting at his parents' house in Resistencia, Chaco, for Cecilia to arrive, which she duly did, suitcase in hand and ready for a kind of honeymoon with Cesar.

    That is the last time she was seen or known to be alive. The date of this was 1st of June this year.

    Since then, forensics have searched a nearby river where a burned suitcase was found, a pig farm where it is alleged that her chopped up body was fed to pigs and a newly asphalted road that is said to cover up her remains. Burnt bone fragments have also been found nearby.

    Cesar's parents, their mucama/maid and several other people are now in custody accused of murder while the investigation continues.

    A finger has been found as well as jewellery, some of which has been identified by Cecilia's mother. I can't imagine what she must be going through and she is being incredibly brave.

    But there is much more to this awful tragedy.

    The Sena family is known as a piquetero clan with a massive influence in Chaco. They receive and have received millions of pesos from the local government which is run by none other than Jorge Capitanich, the governor, a Peronist/K to the hilt and much loved by Cristina Kirchner.

    This family was also running for important mayoral and other positions in the up coming elections and in order to retain the status quo of feudalism, money was poured into their campaigns. Unimaginable amounts of money in the poorest state in Argentina.

    Naturally, Governor Capitanich is now painting himself as the victim and many believe that the riots in Jujuy were simply a distraction from the events in Chaco.

    There is no doubt in many people's minds that this exposes the underbelly of the medieval feudal system of corruption that still exists in this country and has done for over 40 years.

    I have no idea why Cecilia was murdered.

  • Apparently, the judge is investigating why a street round the corner from the Sena residence was asphalted two days after the probable date of the murder.

    At 2.00 am in the morning.

    Sometimes streets are asphalted at that time depending on the climate

    But it has never happened in the wee town where the young lady went missing.

  • Another proof that northern provinces are governed by a bunch of corrupt and criminal politicians.

    Capintanich is a feudal peronist loyal to cfk and very close to Sena.

    perhaps JUJUY is an exception,

    But democracy, allowing votes to semi alphabetized people produces this mess.

  • Inflation in all neighboring countries is in single figures.

    What is the difference?

    None of them are printing money to finance the fiscal deficit.

    It's clearly not as simple as that but a huge percentage of inflation in Argentina comes from very bad economic management.

    How do you cut the fiscal deficit?

    Cut social plans - no one will do that, especially in an election year.

    But why don't they make those who receive a social plan do some work in the places where they live ? ( and I don't mean make them go to a demonstration in the capital to piss off the people who actually work)

    Another way is to cut the number of Government employees - again this won't happen in an election year.

    More revolutionary would be to cut taxes... there is a proven theory that if you cut some taxes , tax revenue will increase as people stop looking for ways not to pay taxes. In Argentina, if the government changed the employment and social security taxes, more companies would bring in employees "en blanco"

    And that's the end of Economics 101 , for now.

  • Don’t feel bad, UK Man - - not knowing what in the world they’re taking about has never stopped anyone from holding strong opinions!

    To be honest I'm not sure the majority of Argentinians deserve a better economy. They do seem to accept living with mega inflation extraordinarily well. In the UK they werë having kittens when the inflation rate hit 10% for a few days.