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  • It took me years to grow on mate, but I finally did it.

    Much to my surprise, today I found out that just like there is soluble coffee, there is also soluble mate. Mate cocido en polvo Andresito en base a yerba mate

    I am currently drinking yerba Andresito. What is your favorite brand of yerba?

    Yerba Andresito Tradicional 1 kg

  • Like coffee, mate is an acquired taste that I haven’t bothered to get interested in trying to like. I so love tea, that it’s my hot drink of choice.

    The ritual of making and sharing mate appeals to me, and I love the gourds and bombillas.

    But just not the bitter taste.

  • I started with sugared mate to make it more palatable, and it was damn good. However, the amount of sugar one has to use to drink sugared hot beverages to keep going for a day is enormous. I have stopped usgaring hot drinks altogether and now I can have them guilt-free!

    Unsugared hot beverages are also an acquired taste.

  • I have dropped moke coffee at home long ago. It was giving me stomach issues. I am now using soluble Nescafe, but I drink two cups per day, at most. I do enjoy drinking coffee when I am out, though.

    My perfect balance is: a cup of soluble Nespresso when I get up. Then half a cup (if any) or skip to mid-day mate. Then half a cup in the afternoon (or coffee out if I am attending the university).

    I have also bought myself a smaller mate for the afternoon shot, as an alternative to coffe.

    This is my full mate for breakfast (made of calabaza - pumpkin):

    Mate Calabaza Alpaca - Comprar en Airaudo Platero

    This is the smaller mate for a fill up in the afternoon (made of palo santo wood). I was curious to see if the scented wood affected the taste, but it does not. I love smelling the palo santo wood from time to time.

    Palo Santo Yerba Mate Gourd (Copita) - Yerba Mate Lab

  • serafina , I like the smell of palo santo too. I haven’t thought about it in awhile - - thanks for reminding me!