Stupidity hits again

  • This week's news in Italy have been dominated by Berlusconi's funeral but also by a terrible road accident that cost a 5 years old boy's life.

    A group of four 20 years old rented a Lamborghini SUV for a tik-tok challenge during which they had to stay in the car for 50 hours. They streamed live their race, during which they made fun of other cars, on their channels (youtube, tiktok) where they aptly called themselves TheBorderline. They said of a Smart that they saw minutes before that "your car is on offer at the discount for €300" and other silly stuff. All was fun until they actually hit a Smart, driven by a mother with a 4 years old girl and 5 year old boy in the back.

    While another car had stopped to let the Smart take a turn, the big SUV came at speed and hit it on the rear passenger side, where the 5 years old boy was sitting. The mother is hospitalized, in shock, in complete denial of her son's death. The girl is okay.

    The TokTokers have made private their channels, since their last streaming was receiving a lot of of the sought-after attention they wanted. Today, probably on the advice of their lawyer, they took it down and issued a statement.

    One of the 20 years old guys' father was heard to tell his boy that it was just boy's stuff and not to worry. The people who listened to him tried to lynch him and the tiktokers.

    The young Lamborghini driver tested positive to cannabinoids. It seems that after the accident, they were still filming when approaching the Smart to check on the occupants.