All the skateboarders in BA!

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  • Hey! I live in Buenos aires during the winter times and I havnt really made a lot of friends here! Skateboarding has always been my thing, even im not that good at it anymore I still enjoy going to the park and have a couple of beers! Is there anyone who would like to join me?

    Maybe I wanna add for the topic that Im just not trying to find a friends for the skateboarding, I would like to meet some people overall. Its not easy when my spanish is not that good and my only friend is my local girlfriend and her friends! If there is something going on for us who has been come from abroad I would love to make some friends!

  • Tito

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  • Welcome to the forum, Tito . I hope you find skateboarding friends! As for meeting people in general, a good start could be actively participating in this forum and getting to know the members.

    When you say you are in BsAs for the winter, I assume you mean summer in BsAs / winter wherever you are from? When will you be in Argentina?