Bomb threats at various private schools in Zona Norte

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  • At around 1230 pm we heard sirens going off all over the place and then saw police cars and all manner of emergency vehicles hurtling past our house towards Martinez.

    Later, riding my bike near the Lincoln School to get to a job, all the streets were closed off and later coming back near Northlands School in Olivos I found the same situation.

    I soon learned that several schools had received the same bomb threat which, bearing in mind what has happened in Serbia recently, not to mention the USA, it has to be taken seriously.

    Here's a translated version of the threatening email:

  • Many people are envious of others. And this is fueled by the current populism.

    Schools like Northlands, or Cardinal Newman, are considered by the envious as the cradle of the future ruling class of the country,

    However, seeing the reality, is evident that the current "ruling class" had no education, no familiar traditions, no appreciation for the God given order of things.Examples are abundant: CFK, Fernandez, Grabois, Massa, Moyano, and so forth.

  • Carlos , did CFK finish her law degree or is she just a con artist?

    No one knows, and this is a mystery.She never showed its papers, and the La PLata University never said anything.

    It is very suspectful that she, in his long career as a Lawyer, never intervened directy in the trials nor asked an Habeas Corpus of the disappeared people. Probably she never ended his university course,

    No suprise, seeing her antecedents.

  • Not just Zona Norte but, even though I'm not in CABA now (back in Dear Old Blighty for the time being) I know there were WhatsApp group messages going around about exactly the same thing happening in an expensive private school in Villa Devoto. I was reminded too that about a year ago a single school was targetted in a very similar way with a similar message etc. The story goes that the perpetrator then was a boy-genius who had hacked into all the school systems and left a similarly very frightening message as his idea of a bit of fun. When he was eventually traced, the story goes, he was found out to be under age so no further action was taken against him. Does anybody remember this case? Is there any suggestion in this story that the authorities know who they are looking for this time?

  • That’s a fascinating twist, bebopalula . I don’t remember reading about that at all. Surely the police would have kept tabs on that guy and must be questioning him now?

    I've just been told that it was earlier this year, not last year as I had thought. The story might not have spread very far because it was just one disgruntled child in one school. But if anyone has a fascinating twist on this story, it must be Splinter . India? That's a whole other thing!