Public holidays in Argentina for 2023

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  • It seems we have skipped this year's thread on Argentinian holidays.

    You can find the official dates here:…/feriados-nacionales-2023

    Besides those, there are some extra holidays for students and public offices (like the Thursday before Easter)

    Today it was Labor's day and even supermarkets were closed. PedidosYa (delivery app) was not working, and most restaurants were shown as closed or with delivery unavailable. Even the cartoneros didn't come collect cardboards from the street, which was good for me as I needed some cardboard boxes.

    Tonight I wanted to order ice cream, so I turned to the Instagram page of a nearby store, chatted with them on Whatsapp and managed to place an order. However, it was more expensive than ordering from the app. I should add that on the app they don't have all flavors available, so perhaps they don't list expensive flavors and are able to offer a lower price.

    It still baffles me how some restaurants are more expensive if you order from them directly vs. the app. It happens with the Mumbai Indian restaurant, and this time it happened with Tienta Helados. The 1/4 kg is $990 on Pedidosya, and $1300 on Whatsapp. WTF?!
    I didn't ask about the price before ordering, as I would have never thought it could cost more than on the app - the app takes 30% of each sale...

    2x WTF?! 8|

    In Italy, larger supermarkets and store are open on May 1st. They are closed only on Christmas and Easter.

    Overview Holidays in Argentina 2023

    • 1 January: New Year’s day
    • 28 February: Carnaval
    • 1 March: Carnaval
    • 24 March: Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice
    • 2 April: Day of the Veterans and Fallen of the Falklands War
    • 15 April: Good Friday
    • 1 May: Labour Day
    • 25 May: May Revolution
    • 17 June: Anniversary of the Passing of General Martín Miguel de Güemes
    • 20 June: General Manuel Belgrano Memorial Day
    • 9 July: Independence Day
    • 15 August: General José de San Martín Memorial Day
    • 27 September: Day of commerce (not an official holiday but all stores are closed)
    • 10 October: Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity
    • 20 November: National Sovereignty Day
    • 8 December: Immaculate Conception Day
    • 25 December: Christmas
  • Seventeen IS a really large number of public holidays days, Splinter , but I see what is bothering you: your favorite holiday didn’t make the official list.

    But don’t worry. It is coming on July 20th and we will all try to make this one really special, to mitigate your disappointment.

  • That's a staggering amount of public holidays and let's not forget that some are bridged which add even more days.

    Indeed! It seems the large amount of holidays is very much appreciated, given that the Government website even shows the countdown to the next holiday (currently, in 23 days - May 25th). :facepalm:

    12 holidays fall on a fixed day

    4 holidays fall on a flexible day (not clear the criteria)

    3 holidays are touristic holidays, i.e. "padding" days to extend the time off work next to a holiday+weekend

    10 holidays are marked as non-working days, although some of them are religion-based and not observed by all (such as Jewish New Year & Easter, Muslim Ramadan & New Year -- curiously, the Chinese New Year didn't make it to the calendar of official holidays <<< hint for the Government to gain sympathy from their beloved Chinese invaders investors)

    My Catholic school observes all Catholic holidays, plus we have the Day of the Student, the Day of the teacher, and the Day of the administrative personnel. All holidays! Only one of those "festivities" falls outside of the class period, the other twos are observed.

    Sometimes we even get a freebie because of strikes. It has already happened twice already since we begun classes in mid March. As mine is a night course, when bus strikes begun at 9PM, at around 8PM someone "gave the alarm" and invited everyone to rush out because the security personnel/guards had to close down the building and leave in time to catch their own bus home. Classes starts at 6 PM. I felt like to be already scholarized, as it seems a daunting accomplishment in Argentina.

  • Giving too much holidays is a typical feature of the paradigm of a populist policy. And here this is extremely observed. Nobody speaks about work ethics. Even merit is put in doubt by our puppet president.

    It is high time that the glory (if we can use nowadays this word) is achieved through sacrifice and hard work. Not with lazyness and looking for immediate satistaction.

  • Meanwhile, Revolution Day of 25th May is being hijacked by CFK and her adoring followers in front of the Casa Rosada.

    At 4pm, as the only speaker, she will launch into another of her tirades. Alberto meanwhile, was not invited and some speculate as to whether she will do a u-turn and go for the big prize - presidential candidate.

    However, it may rain on her parade. What a shame.