Bidets- An indelicate Conversation

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  • On my first trip overseas in 1976- to Austria seeing as you didn’t ask, I found this peculiar bathroom facility called a bidet.

    To my delight my mother advised me it was to wash one’s feet in. I thought that was bloody genius even at my tender years.

    Now 45 years on give it take, this bathroomery contraption is a mystery to me. They’re everywhere here in Argentina and I have a strong suspicion I should no longer be washing my feet in them.

    Do you use them and what for?

    I watched a YouTube video about their use and it had nothing to do with washing feet I can tell you.

    On my first trip overseas in 1976- to Austria seeing as you didn’t ask, I found this peculiar bathroom facility called a bidet.

    It Is usted here to wash the most private parts of your body. I do not dare to be more specific.

  • I also thought they were for washing my feet when I encountered one in a hotel in France back in the 70s and now, we wouldn't do without one.

    Said to have been invented by French furniture makers in the 18th century and later taken a step further by an American, one Arnold Cohen, which is odd because they are not a familiar sight in American bathrooms.

    The French are notoriously open about this kind of thing, so I'm not surprised by this finding.

    On the other hand, watching that video reminds me of how coy we are talking about washing our nether regions, almost as if we're in school and discussing something 'naughty'.

    Who Invented the Bidet?
    Who Invented the Bidet? A Brief History of Butt Washers The invention of the bidet – the best and most effective way to clean our rear ends – isn’t covered in…

  • Ours is never used.

    Are you sure that your wife is really an Argentine? UK Man

    In the spirit of Gerard Hoffnung's misleading Advice for Tourists in London[1]

    before some family came to visit us I sent them some helpful hints:

    Please do not insult your waiter by offering a tip: they serve you for the pleasure of being of service.

    There is no need to buy a Sube card: bus drivers are always willing to accept a few foreign coins in exchange for a ride.

    The menu in a restaurant is only a suggestion: feel free to order anything you fancy.

    The cheapest taxi service in the city is run by the firm with the blue cars which display blue flashing lights. Just flag them down whenever you need a ride.

    etc. etc.

    Anyway, along with all this I sent them a picture of our bidet with a caption claiming that we had installed a special low-level drinking fountain for the use of their small child.

    I don't think we fooled them for a moment

    [1]If you don't know about Gerard Hoffnung (think Les Luthiers) Do seek out some of his humerous material)

  • Every hotel I’ve ever been in, in both France and Italy, has had them. Is that because everyone there expects them, or because the hotels think that travelers do?

    My Mother used to buy grand large bouquets of flowers and use the hotel room’s bidet as a large vase. That did a great job of hiding what is not intrinsically a thing of beauty.

  • Serafina-the-cat loves to have a piss in the bidet. She appreciates the slope toward the drain. Unfortunately, she manages to step on her own piss anyway. The rest is (smelly) history.

    I have tried to convince my husband to remove the bidet to make room for a washer in the bathroom. He isn't even open to discussing this. He is a fond user. I am even surprised to find bidets in public places. Even my office bathrooms had bidets! Would you really share one with your colleagues?

    It is one of those occasions in which it's better NOT let one own's imagination run wild. :vomit: