Your prepaid cellphone credit will now last 6 months

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  • The government has finally stepped in and legislated over the abusive practices of this monopoly. Whereas top ups only had 1 month, from 5th March this will now extend to 6 months, among other new measures:

    • The eight main changes
    • More durable credit. Today the refills expire in 3 to 30 days. The term passes to at least 180 days.
    • Claims with constancy. Any written complaint or management must send a written detail. Returns with interest. If they overcharged, they must return the silver with an extra equal to the late payment surcharge. Change of well informed plan.
    • After accepting an offer, the client must send all conditions in writing. Online cost simulator On the website of each company, it will allow you to compare your plans.
    • Without surprise subscriptions. They can not be charged if there was no "express" acceptance.
    • No late fees. If the invoice does not arrive 10 days before the expiration date, they can not collect punishments or suspend the line.
    • Poor quality is paid. There will be "compensation" if the firm does not meet minimum levels.

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