Saving tips in Argentina

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  • Havana Club 7 is adecent drum - very smooth with Coke ot with ice and lemon.

    Doesnt have enough wood aging to drink it neat.

    7 años? The Cubans dont have the same watch as me.

    Please note, the brand is now owned by the French Multinational Pernod Ricard

  • Have to agree. Glad I got it cheap as it's nowhere near as enjoyable as much cheaper drams available here.

  • Today I was on the hunt for toilet paper. Unlike in the past, I decided to skip our neighborhood's perfumeria and went for a bigger saving. Lost time on the Farmacity website chasing a non-existent offer on toilet paper, and quickly gave up trying to work out the best offer between Coto, Carrefour and the rest paired with card discounts and their caps.

    Instead, I decided that tough times call for tough measures and shopper for a papelera (for our foreign readers, it is a place specializing in bulk sale of paper and plastic supplies, from toilet paper to disposable food boxes and cutlery, tin foil, adhesive tape etc.

    I spotted a good enough offer from JB papelera: 10x packets of 4x 2-ply toilet rolls of 30 m each for 19.300 pesos, which boils down to $482.50 per roll. Can't match that price anywhere else at retail shops.

    There are two shops within 2 km from our home, so it was a quick run.

  • I can vouch for papeleras. I have a mate from whom I once rented a shop, I fix his PCs and he's also an electrician so we sometimes barter - he does a sparky job for me and I fix a PC problem.

    It also means I get discount at his papelera shop.

    He used to be a huge fan of Phil Collins and recently went to see him live, but since Phil can't drum anymore and now sits in a chair to sing, he wants his money back.

    Sorry, what were you saying?

  • I need to restock on A4 paper and the prices are insane. I haven’t been able to find anything for less than 7 USD per 500 sheets retail.

    I am tempted to buy them bulk on ML - 10 packs for 59.700 pesos with free delivery, but I go through maybe 5 packs per year.

    I am not sure I want to gamble 60 USD or just suck it and buy one, hoping price (or the dollar) will get better later this year.

    Anyone wants to share?

    This is the link on ML:…olor-blanco/p/MLA20794899

  • My missus goes through A4 just as quickly as she does toilet paper. She's always printing stuff the majority of which I see as unnecessary. I tell her just to save it to a pen drive or an online storage facility instead...then she goes in the huff and tells me to mnd my own business!! ^^

    Anyway, she's bought a batch before on ML and she was happy with it. However that was mainly because the options of buying it here are very limited hence the reason it's so expensive. Think the last time she bought some here was when one of the large supermarkets had it on an offer and she bought several.

    I'm surprised you can't buy it somewhere in Buenos Aires discounted. In the UK the obvious places to go were the retail park chain stores that sold office or PC supplies.

  • In the past, I have used a mix of a local art store and supermarkets when they had it on offer (Carrefour, Jumbo).

    Right now the art store is priced $7250, Libreria Levalle $7700 buying 5 or more, Jumbo $9195, Carrefour $8990, Coto $8999 (comes down to $7200 when I have 20% off with my card).