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Moving in - Recoleta - June 1!

  • Hola nuevos vecinos! Retired profesional moving (alone) from Chicago on June 1 to a fantastic apartment on Rodríguez Peña Square, near Av Callo.

    This is planned as a permanent move so I will be around for a while.

    My first question for anyone who can help is about my DNI. The embassy gave me a link to register for an appointment but the list of office choices is huge and no map! The drop down list has locations all over the country with no context. I found by searching, there is an office one mile from my new apartment but I cant match up the name to the drop down list. I know this is my ‘day one, must do’ so any guidance appreciated. (my visa is stamped in my passport).

    After that, I need a bank account, cellular plan and a sube card! Right??

    I’ll keep my usa cell plan for a while (unlimited international text) so I am available for coffee or other friend making.

    Very excited. Hope to meet some of you. Six weeks to go!


  • Welcome, FScott ! It sounds like you will be staying in a superb location.

    As for the DNI, I am assuming you are arriving on a retiree visa. You can get a DNI visiting one of the locations of ReNaPer (Registro Nacional de las Personas). You need to book an appointment online using this link, then select Primer ejemplar (first issue), and finally you can pick a location. Under Recoleta, I see Av. Callao 1065 morning and afternoon appointments.

    The calendar is open until May 15, only, so it may be a little too soon for that.

    If you are unable to create a verified account on Mi Argentina to book an appointment, I can book one for you.


  • Wow! Thank you so much!

    This is the link that the local counsel gave me;

    Turnos para trámites de DNI | DNM

    I did find the page you recommend but did not navigate it thoroughly. I was warned not to schedule the appointment until I arrived.

    I had found an office at Moreno, 2031, which is only about a mile from my new apartment and was planning to walk in and ask for assistance.

    Thanks again!

    OMG, I just mapped the office you suggested, it is literally less than a block from my new apartment!

    Thanks again!

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  • Welcome to Argentina. I can help in whatever you need.For private conversaciones muy email address Is [email='

    I hope you Wil enjoy the city AND the country as well.

    Be aware that the dollars aré quoted 400 pesos. You can get this in unofficial Places. Never Sell your dollars in a bank.