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The future we've been warned about

  • Good morning my south american friends. Hope everyone had a pleasant easter day. Memories of being on my grandparents estancia bring great bliss. I come from a large tribe. My mother and father produced seven children, my mothers sisters, two aunties, produced nine more children. That's sixteen chattering, squealing, darting, roaming, egg hunting delights! We were a tribe. Gregarious and happy, oh the scuffs and giggles, and haven't even counted the tipsy parents and grandpa and grandma! Memories! My memories, like your memories, are special and sacred. Oh and the ten dogs, six to ten cats, fifty chickens, twenty rabbits, and don't forget the beef cattle! And two milkers! Memories. What follows next for humanity and our memories? I wish it was something peaceful, but this has been coming for some time now.…s-quest-for-mind-control/ :rimg:

  • Yes Rice. It's unfolding right before us. Even the creators of ChatbotAI acknowledge that Pandora is out of the box and there's no putting the genie back in. Remember THX 1138? As the old quote goes, the only thing that allows evil men to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Speaking truth to power will get you ostracized, or cancelled, we know how this ends. History is repeating itself. It's my lot. Keep loving.💜✌

  • Good morning Argentinians. After my morning prayers and devotions comes cofffee. Rich dark roast mmmmmm. Morning constitutional ect. It's spring here in the northwest rainforest. Which means thermal undergarments, wool top, vest, rain pants, waterproof boots. Then its a long walk up the incline trail to breath crisp clean ionized ocean breezes. I talk to the trees and plants, apologize to our collective mother for humanities greed and ignorance, then head back home. Stop on the back veranda, scrap the mud off my boots, scratch the cat behind her ears, put away my walking staff. Next, take breakfast, then begin to read one or two books I'm presently digesting. Ahh, the life of the mind! Excuse me I digress, my mind, my private thoughts, my conclusions.…olving-ai-can-and-cant-do :light-bulb-2-smiley-emoticon-emoji: original thinking or hive mind blinkers? If this drug(selfieaddiction) doesn't creep you out......