UK versus Germany competitions about cars in Argentins

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  • In the 1930 and 1940's decade, we used to purchase imported cars not only from USA, but from others countries of Europe. Here I am showing some cars that ny famuly had. First, a typical Nazi car, the Opel 1937 (The lady which appears in the photo is my mother, at that time 32 years old). The other is Standard Flying 1947 that we used until 1964. A fine car, that I regret to have been sold. Today will be a jewel.

    Nostagic recalls are one of my biases.

  • I remember that 1940 Packard my family owned. I was four or five years old. Being a staunch Luddite, I've never had a car loan. Always drive used cars. Fifty years ago as a teenager in estado unidos you could purchase a decent banger for a couple hundred U.S.$. My present car, a fine 07 Mercury Grand Marquee, cost me U.S. $1,000.00. Not a typo. It has factory paint coating failure, but only 60,000 miles at time of purchase. Those older cars were, are reminiscent of a time of sophisticated elegance. Thanks Carlos. The family car brings back memories of a simpler time.

  • Unfortunately the roads in large parts of upper central northeast estado unidos must salt their roadways in winter. Luckily out west we don't need that approach. My grandfather had a wrecking yard and an oval dirt racetrack. Guess that's where we learned how to maintenance our own vehicles. With the modern electronics now the newer cars generally need less work to keep road worthy. Depends on year, make ect. The Japanese still make some of the best. Our 1985 Toyota pickup, four cylinder sr22 4x4 will go 400,000 plus miles with proper care. My favorite was my J20 Jeep pickup. 396 c.u. Not a bit of rust and it was never garaged!

  • Ukman. In the 1980s up north Ford made some small fuel economy cars. One, can't remember its name. I had one, I called it Mutt. But Mutt got 30 plus miles per gallon. Now she was no Honda Civic mind you, but I commuted from the ranch to work. Then got in the Dodge 383 work truck, 12 miles to the gallon and went to work. Yea, the old Mutt was a banger, but reliable. Thanks grandpa for teaching me, it's not how she looks, but how she purrs!

  • I have a 1996 Chevrolet Silverrado 4x4 with a 6.5 diesel engine. I bought the truck in 2001, it now showing 120000 miles,should

    last the rest of my life time, oil and fuel filter is about all the maintenance, I have done on a regular basis. Still runs and

    drives great, can't see it being replaced with any EV.

  • daniel. Diesel motors are definitely work horses. As you know the importance of regular service, oil, plugs, belts and brakes. Even as a young man of limited means during the1970s my old jallops were tuned and treaded. Estado Unidos, like Argentina, is a large country with vast distances to traverse. Road worthy is the term. Road kill is another norteville term and reality. EV for small city commutes, sure, compact small vehicles. Makes parking easier. But for muscle and working in the trades?