Mercadolibre launches their own credit card

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  • Being the tidy monopoly that they are, ML have launched the Mercadopago Mastercard so that you can use funds in any location that accepts Mastercard.

    At the moment you need to transfer the funds to a bank account in order to use them, or a friend's account if you don't have one. Apparently it's free of costs and can even be used in ATMs.

    I may well give it a try.…s-con-una-tarjeta-prepaga

    On the same subject, Uala is an Android app and Mastercard which you can top up with Rapipago, use at ATMs and pay services etc. Both are aimed at people who don't have bank accounts and this has to be a good thing. This app/card aslo has great reviews on Google Play.…ils?

    Either or both are worth a look, particularly if you don't have a bank account. I will almost certainly get a Mercadopago card because that's where most of my income is from nowadays.


    Strictly speaking it's not a credit card but a prepaid card which is great if you're not interested in credit per se.

    Anyway, I've now asked for one :)

  • Could this be used as a regular MasterCard in local shops restaurants etc that accept M/C? I wonder if it has a pin for security? So if I'm reading this right, I could go to a rapi pago deposit money in to my mercadopago acct. Charge card and spend?