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Mercadolibre raises their standards

  • I was a fan of ML at first, as it allowed to find stuff easily without having to go in person to stores in the hope to find something I was looking for.

    However, they are tightening their grip more and more. First, they started applying income taxes if your monthly sales exceed a certain amount and you haven't uploaded your fiscal data showing that you are already paying taxes on those sales. Then they are exchanging datas on users' purchases with AFIP. they clashed with the Camioneros union in several instances.

    Now they are going after sellers and driving Mercadolibre from a platform open to anyone like eBay, to a professional platform for mass sales more alike to Amazon.

    My husband has sold used stuff on ML since he had to clear a relative's apartment after their passing. Then he was so good at it, that other (alive) family member asked him to sell their stuff on ML for a fee. Now he even also friends from the Province commissioning him the sales because it is just easier to arrange pickups in Capital, and it increases their chance of selling their items.

    Today I opened the app and found this message:

    There were a couple of instances where it took longer to ship certain items because were away for a long weekend and he had forgotten to pause the ads. Some stuff he has up for sale is not exactly flying out of his hands, so it may stay there for a few months before it is sold.

    It seems that this hobby of his is getting more of a job.

    He explained to me that the longer it takes him to mail out something, the more his reputation is affected.

    I am always trying to avoid to purchase on ML and we always put up stuff for sale both on ML and FB. Wise purchasers know to look for the same item on FB Marketplace to avoid paying ML fees.

  • These are bully boy tactics. If you don't answer a question from a potential buyer within a few hours, you get a red message saying 'reply delayed' or some other such bullshit. What they don't take into account is that many people ask dumb questions at or around midnight when most of us are asleep.

    I also received the reputation notice and my current state is 100% green. However, because I had one complaint for a dead laptop battery (which I had already mentioned during and before the sale) about 18 months ago and fixed with a day, my reputation was about to go down the drain on April 10th, but they must have spotted that it way out of the time limit and I think that's been fixed.

    ML is totally skewed towards the buyer, so bear that in mind.

    I'm monotributo and have registered with them as such. This is vital if you wish to avoid VAT (IVA) on sales because I got hammered when they dipped into my account two or three years ago a took a load of money.

    Also bear in mind the max amounts you can sell before attracting VAT which I believe is now $85,627 ($85.627) which is still far too low.

    I love to hate Mercadolibre.

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