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  • Football? Polo? You are wrong if you think these are the national sports of Argentina. Finding loopholes is a necessary practice if you want to survive in Argentina's absurd economy!

    And it seems it is not just the locals exploiting it. The word got out and other people took advantage of it. Of course, as soon as a loophole is exposed online, they scramble to correct it. We are probably too late to the party, but you can enjoy the account of the most recent one on the BA Herald at the below link.

    Peso exchange rate loophole gives online shoppers thousands of kilometers from Argentina surprise 40% discounts

    The loophole, which has been partially closed, was reported by users in Germany, Indonesia and Spain, and worked with PayPal and VISA.


    BILD reported that one customer had made a €1000 transaction but was only debited €600. Another said they had bought a €171 piece of software for €100. Another user published on the MyDealz.De portal that they had made a €100 purchase on Amazon, but €77.80 were debited. A user on Chollómetro, a Spanish website dedicated to bargains, posted that he had bought a €1449 iPhone 14 pro for €854.59 in El Corte Inglés, the biggest department store group in Europe.