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  • I have been toying with the idea of getting a new fridge for some years now. We still have the first one we bought when we arrived in Argentina, a cheap SIAM which has served well over the years. Not knowing how long we would be staying in Argentina, we bought a basic white model. It is in excellent shape and we have no complain about its functionality. However, it doesn't match our current kitchen design and I'd love to upgrade to an inverter no frost fridge.

    From a quick research on Mercadolibre, it seems that there are a few brands, some imported and some locals. I was inclined over a well established brand such as Samsung, Whirlpool, LG or Ariston. My husband says that some of them (Ariston) are not the same quality as in Europe, so to not fall for the name. I recall that when we bough our current fridge at Carrefour, the assistant explained why some local brand are good because they have the same motor as others. There was a loooong explanation about certain models/brands being assembled in Argentina but using imported components, hence cheap and good, and some coming already finished and with a worldwide renowned name and being utterly expensive.

    I know there are appliance outlets where you just have 6 months of warranty and you pay cash. The discount can be up to 30%. Some of those have just cosmetic damage. Given that they are anyway quite expensive compared to Europe, I am not very convinced...

    Example of electronics outlets:

    - (V. López and Barracas)

    - (Villa Devoto)

    - (Barracas)


    - (Villa Crespo)

    What brand is your fridge?

    Our requirements:

    • at least 300 lt
    • inverter
    • no frost
    • grey
    • no water dispenser
    • max 600 mm wide
    • top mount (= freezer on top)

    I think this Samsungis a good fit.


  • We could do with a new one as the fridge part of the Whirlpool fridge/freezer is a tad too small for us. However, as it's been very reliable over the 20+ years we've had it we're just going to hang on to it as long as it's working.

    We have another one outside in the garden room which we also use for items not needed regularly. Not sure what brand it is but it's certainly not as good quality as the Whirlpool.

  • Splinter , there was a GE Profile in New Orleans when we bought the apartment 13 years ago. Wish we’d kept it. Replaced it in 2015 with a gorgeous French door, bottom freezer Samsung, which we loved. Until the freezer stopped freezing 6 years later and we learned that no repair people would attempt repairs on Samsungs because they can’t get parts. Replaced the “new” fridge last year with a Whirlpool that we don’t love, but will probably have to replace in a few years anyway, because the life expectancy of newer refrigerators has apparently been lowered from 30 years to 7 years. And that’s in the USA. I’m thinking the new ones in Argentina may not last even that long.

  • I have read several complains about the noise made by the Samsung Inverter No Frost fridge. Some people even had to install noise absorbing panels, some simply returned it. What a bummer!

    Besides, today I went to the giant Coto on Avenida Santa Fe to check out on their appliances. They just had 3 fridges but had plenty of cheap small appliances (Top House, Liliana, BHG). There are huge discounts on electronics and many other items until this Wednesday.

    If you are looking for a great TV, they have a super discounted LG OLED 4k that I'd love to buy!

    Coto Digital: Tu super a un click

    It costs 288k pesos, i.e. about 750 USD at the blue rate