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Low power?

  • Our aircon has been struggling lately to keep us cool. Anyone else having a problem? The missus says the leccy company are useless whenever there's a heatwave. We have also had several power outages lately.

    Low power? Luxury! We used to dream of low power. Round our way it's No Power, several times a day and sometimes for several days at a time.

  • bebopalula , are the outages scheduled and announced in advance? Or do they take you by surprise?

    In England in 1972, during a coal miners’ strike we had scheduled outages (I seem to remember 3 hours on and 3 off, but am not sure my memory is right) on a weekly schedule. So the house temperature didn’t change too horribly, and it was possible to plan cooking, showers, reading etc in advance, minimizing the inconvenience.

    By comparison, a surprise power cut of unknown duration can be awful, and can bring a host of stressors: Will the temperature become unbearable? Will food in the freezer thaw? Will the phones run out of battery? Will I go the rest of my life without being able to finish streaming Madame Secretary on Netflix?

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    Rice Unscheduled. Seemingly random. I remember the UK power cuts, three-day week etc and as you say, it was all completely different.

    UK Man In CABA. If I had wanted to continue the 'Four Yorkshiremen' skit then I'd have gone on about the CABA barrios which are still without electricity after a week and the GBA barrios which have been without power for even longer.

    There have been casserolazas in protest at the power cuts. One was planned for a local plaza for last night and we thought about going. But guess what? Just before it was due to start...

    ...the power went off.

    (and we didn't fancy climbing down flights and flights of stairs and then back up again.)

    In mitigation, having heard from a friend of a friend who works for Edesur, it seems it's all the fault of current government policy. The parts in the grid which are failing need to be replaced but as they are not manufactured in Argentina they are affected by the import ban. Consequently the engineers are doing the best they can by jury-rigging whatever old bits they can find.

    ......and just moments after I posted that, the power went off again.

    If I were Joni Mitchell I might have written:

    Just before our lights went off, you said "I am as constant as Edesur"

    Constantly in the darkness, where's that at? If you want me I'll be looking for some matches.

    Oh well. Please yourselves.

  • It was overcast earlier so with storms forecast I went to the roof to check the guttering was clear. Just as I got up there the skies cleared and a blistering sun came out!! I didn't hang about. It's now 35c and still no signs of rain.