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  • With the weather being so hot recently, we've started to walk early in the mornings, if we can get up in time. I'm generally an early riser at between 5 and 6 am, but getting sleepy head to leave the pit is a challenge.

    Anyway, before 8 am is reasonable, even though 7 am would be better because of the sun's heat. I'm not keen to walk before sunrise for safety reasons.

    I now take a 1kg weight in both hands so I get to strengthen my arms at the same time as walking and I feel so much better during the day for this as well.

    Target is 10,000 steps, but we're lucky to achieve this most days because it's so damn hot.

  • God job, Splinter ! Especially adding the weights. What exercises are you doing with them as you walk? Any besides basic bicep and tricep routine?

    We started running with weights in the 1990’s, and got some strange looks from passers-by. Now, people don’t pay any attention.

    Smart to exercise before the sun is doing its worst. When we lived in Arizona, once springtime arrived, we had to start our run at 5 am, because by 6 it was already approaching 90 F.

    Still, I hate getting up early, and prefer to ease into the day - -

  • We used to go on a one hour walk or cycle ride every other day until the really hot weather arrived. I've always been an early riser however I prefer to mess about and take my time in the morning...and the missus likes her bed too much anyway. She gets grumpy if she has to rise early to go somewhere.

    Our walks/cycles usually take place in the afternoon when the streets are much quieter. We're both pretty naturally fit anyway and are kept physically active the other days we're out at the countryside place.

    Soon as this hot weather buggers off we'll start doing it again.

  • Just lifting them up and down to help increase strength, although I have to stop with my left arm because it's exposed an old rugby injury in my left elbow!


  • There are a bunch of them, ranging from biceps curls and working the triceps, all the way to the more hilarious looking “double ski poling.” (You’d know it if you’d seen it!)

    What the heck are ''biceps curls''. :rolleyes:

    is there a proper exercise running or speed walking with weights?

    A pint of beer does me. :thumbup:

  • Being over 18 y.o., I am fit for beer, too! :cheers:

    I enrolled into the gym on December since my weight was stagnant and I was not fit despite having lost weights in 2022. I have some loose skin as a result, but there is no cure except surgery, so no thanks!

    During summer, I tried to go to the gym 6 days a week for a month, but then when work picked up again in mid Manuary, by the time I was done with urgent work it was already 6-7 PM and it was peak time at the gym. The A/C there is not very powerful, especially when it is crowded. I have more A/C units in my apartment!

    Lately, I have been skipping days because it was too hot and because of other health issues. However, I do enjoy going to the Bosque de Palermo on Sunday morning for a family run with my husband. To incentivize myself, we then treat ourselves to a tasty breakfast at Berna in Colegiales. It is owned by a Slovak guy and the coffee is amazing (it is Illy) and the pastries/cakes are superb (unlike those clumpy stuff sold in Argentinian bakeries).

    They are updating the place so there isn't much on their IG at the moment. For breakfast, their coffee is cheaper than coffee chain places and far more better.

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