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Messi threatened by narcos

  • The supermarket in Rosario belonging to the family of Messi's wife, Antonela Rocuzzo, was shot at 14 times and a threatening note left, which was presumably intended for Messi.

    "Messi we're waiting for you. Javkin (mayor of Rosario) is a narco and won't be able to protect you." Or words to that effect.

    Then Anibal 'The Animal' Fernandez, minister for security, comes out and says that the narcos have already won so we may as well pack up and go home. It seems to be true that the narcos have control of Rosario, but to admit it publicly and be seen to do nothing about the situation is even worse.

    The regime simply doesn't know how to deal with it or doesn't want to.

  • How about another conspiracy theory....?

    The bullets were fired by delinquents working for the government.

    Alberto is pissed off that Messi didnt want to get his photo taken after the World Cup win and then he went in a rage when Macri got a photo with him last week in Paris.