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  • On Friday night Adri's face began to swell up around her forehead and right eye. By Saturday it had spread rapidly and she could barely open her eye, so we went to the hospital where they prescribed antibiotics and a recommendation to see a dermatologist.

    Being a weekend, we couldn't find any of those and by Monday, not only did her face look like she'd been in a car crash, but she was running a temperature and the infection was spreading all over her face.

    We quickly deduced that it was probably cellulitis and had this confirmed when we went back to the hospital yesterday and finally found a dermatologist . We were told that cellulitis has to be treated immediately because if left untreated it can infect the nervous system, which would be very serious indeed.

    The dermatologist prescribed penicillin injections over three weeks and told us that the hospital (where they would inject her) would probably admit her and administer penicillin intravenously because they don't normally inject if they can help it.

    I had her bag packed, but as it turned out, they had no beds available, gave her the injection and today she is feeling much better.

    Neither of us realised how serious this condition is if left untreated and it gave us both a real shock.

    We also know how it probably started because she had some dry skin on her forehead which she has been scratching for weeks, resulting in bacteria entering her bloodstream.

    We're very relieved that it's now under control and being treated.