The Great British Baking show - Netflix US

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  • I am crazy about that show, and I don't even bake. The suspense -- the drama -- the heartbreak when a confection fails to measure up to the judges' exacting standards!

    Better than the Olympics, TomAtAlki -- give it a try if you're too late for that ticket to Korea!

  • And speaking of vpn's do you have any success with the BBC iPlayer?

    Just saw a bit of Big Cats on the BBC iPlayer, but when I tried to access The little Offender it asked if I have a Tv License, which I don't, and brought me to this page to buy one for 147GBP. However, it is say the license is free if you are over 75 (are you? I am less than half than that!).

  • I am using


    (paid - this link contain a referral to my account). You might want to check on their website the servers used to watch specific contents, in your case, the BBC iPlayer. They are also pretty responsive by chat and you are entitled to a 30-day trial.

  • yes I have subscribed to nord in the well but I suspect it is blocked by BBC ...

    I was able to access Netflix US, Hulu (also US) and Credit Karma (also US). However, Netflix and Hulu constantly monitor servers used for VPNs, so if they are too fast than VPN providers, you cannot access the service.

    Recently, it went fairly smoothly. However in the past it happened that I was able to connect to a Nord VPN server that was not (yet) blocked by Netflix, but I experienced a lot of buffering. Also pausing the stream meant trouble and one minute spent re-establishing the stream.

    I wouldn't pay for a VPN for TV services alone, my main reason is for banking. For some odd reason, Credit Karma does not work if your IP is not in the US. And it also happened that I was chatting with my US bank and they said "We noticed you are not in the US. Why?". X/

    However, I rarely use the VPN to watch TV as I rarely have time to watch TV in general.

  • Busted by the bank! I learned its wise to keep a CDN VoIP number to utilize for just that reason=O

    I am using Google Phone that gives a free US phone number (available for US and CA residents only), however for some services I got the message that I cannot use a SMS verification with a virtual phone number. I cannot remember which service was... I believe it was the IRS website because they ask specifically for a mobile phone no and apparently mine is a landline no.