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    • Hi, I am Jim Martin from a place called Chevy Chase, Maryland outside of Washington D.C. On December 31, 2022 I retired from my own law firm. I am a serious traveler spending 6 months a year on cruise ships.

      I have a travel agency franchise where I pre package cruises and unique shore tours that me and my wife started 10 years ago. Our goal was to travel for free. That goal was achieved unfortunately my wife passed away during the pandemic.

      So, I am entering a new phase and I want a "fresh start" Because of the economic situation in Argentina I cannot see myself buying an apartment. When I am not traveling I enjoy researching my future trips, the gym, music, visiting parks and gardens, and playing with and taking care of my furry family. When on the high seas the furry friends go to one of my children's homes which my grandkids LOVE. Also, I am a self trained chef.

      I plan on living in Argentina March to September probably in Buenos Aires to start and then branching out to smaller cities. I also love art and art galleries so I am pretty varied.

      My life has been blessed and I love to give back through charities. Any organizations that work with kids get my attention. I believe an organization should give a needy person a hand up not a HAND OUT.
  • Welcome JamieSinatraLoco

  • Welcome to the forum, Jim. I’m so curious about how you chose Argentina, and how you chose the time of year to be in BsAs. Will your March -September stay begin next month, or during a future March?

    I agree with your choice of BsAs. While you’ll be making scouting trips to determine whether a smaller city or rural area might be appealing, Buenos Aires will hold your interest long term, with its endless museums and galleries. There are also concerts nearly every night of the week, and opportunities to meet new people.

    Have you considered which of the many neighborhoods seem the most appealing to you?

  • Hello JamieSinatraLoco ,

    I love your introduction! It seems you have your life objectives set straight, which makes for a great premise to enjoying Argentina.

    While I totally understand your reluctance to buy real estate here, today I was discussing with a friend a great investment that our sellers made. They bought their apartment in 2007 for 110 k USD and put it up for sale it in 2017 for 198 k. It was gone in a day (also because they kept postponing the sale opening so the real estate agent had already gained a lot of interest from prospect buyers, to be honest). They came here two months per year and rented their unit the rest of the time. It would make a lot of sense in your case, since you are coming at the end of the high season and during winter.

    While that may have been a one-off golden era for expats, I still think that you can get great property and the culture, entertainment and food of a big city for a fraction of the price than elsewhere, like Rice mentioned.

    Still, you are too new to take such a big step, but it is a door not to close, I would say. Or you can find a property you like and rent it for the same months every year, like Rice and her husband did (do? Please tell me you're coming soon, Rice !)

    I am not a big fan of smaller cities in Argentina as they don't have the variety and offer of Buenos Aires. For me, that's what make it worth it. However, if you are looking for a countryside style living, suit yourself!

    We are eager to hear more from you! Welcome on the forum and I hope soon welcome to Argentina, too!